Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009: The Year in Review (Day 3 of 5)

Dating in 2009...
What a Dramedy!

Who ever thought that being intelligent, witty, attractive, African-American, and single would be so HARD in the MIA? What an experience...

Let's see what characters I've met in the past year...:

  • THE OLD MEN- Lawd, please save us Tenderonies from the gigolos who shake and shimmy to the disco beat of Lou Rawls and James Brown.
  • THE "WHATYOUSAYS": Living in THE ULTIMATE melting pot for every culture you can imagine exposes Tenderonies to cross-macking techniques from Hell! Sometimes it's so unintelligible that you can only respond by asking, "What you say?"
  • THE EDUMACATED PHILOSOPHERS- Oh boy, these fellas WEAR YO AZZ OUT!!! I always keep the migraine medicine close at hand to survive the "movement". It makes me totally dizzy EVERY time!
  • THE METROSEXUALS- smh... too much competition.
  • THE WHAT-UPS- B-boys, gotta love 'em, as long as you don't have to talk to 'em. *high-five*
  • THE POWER HOUSES- Fascinating, polished, intelligent, leaders, PLAYERS, and elusive. They know the game and how to play it very well. Few and far in between...
I've talked to many of my single, and married, girlfriends and the question is always the same...WHERE ARE ALL THE GOOD BLACK MEN? I know my brothers are TIRED of hearing this but, damnit, inquiring Divalicious minds want to know!

As I venture into 2010, I am prepared to hold fast and steady, keep hope alive and to NEVER GIVE UP ON A GOOD THING!

PS...Always remember, "Don't Blame it on the SUNSHINE...Blame it on the Boogie!"


  1. Ha! You know I loves U!!! Keep hope alive Jesse-ca!

  2. Girl, I'm going to hold fast too. I know they are out there because I have some for friends. We need to do a meet and greet.