Monday, December 21, 2009

"Cat Eyes"

Sometimes I feel like I'm a magnet for drawing the SALESPEOPLE from HELL...

It happened a couple of weeks ago, a friend & I went into "Shefora" for a makeup consult. I have been jonesing to learn how to apply cat eyes every since I saw Beyonce & a few other divettes sporting some really wicked, sexy looks. Hey, I'm thinking, "I can pull that off too!"

HA!!! "Shefora" had other ideas...HERE WE GO...

We walk into a near-empty store & I ask if someone can help me in learning how to apply cat eyes. SalesDoof #1 says they can't because there aren't enough salespeople on the floor. Well, I'm looking around at the Black coats floating and doing nothing and think..."You can't be serious?". Yep, SalesDoof #1 was...serious.

I asked to see a manager because I go one place REAL QUICK (RACISM) when I know someone is playing me STUPID!!! ManagerDoof arrives and proceeds to explain to me that on weekends, "Shefora" does not perform makeup demos because too many people may want the service and they didn't have the staff to accommodate the request. REMEMBER, THE STORE IS EMPTY. Immediately, I cut all conversation & leave the store vowing to never, ever return (even though I really want those cat eyes!)! I'm coming my MAC-gaylicious-guy-pals!!!

Well, my friend who accompanied me to "Shefora" is a "Shefora" junkie. Two weeks later, I find myself at the same chain, different location, on a Sunday (WEEKEND). I must say, the experience was totally different! I actually purchased something, got my demo, & walked out w/sparklies everywhere!!! Loved it!!!

Last night, I was at home playing on my laptop & got to thinking how different my experiences were and just couldn't shake my YUKperience at the first store. I started doing research on how I could let "Shefora" know what's going on at one of their stores. I lucked up on a "contact us" spot on their website & emailed my experienceS.

Today, I got a great email saying they valued my feedback and was following up w/the YUKstore and would be in touch soon with the outcome.

Now, the point of my story is although I still can't apply my eyeliner properly (yes, I look like Zorro the Raccoon after application), my experience to getting to end result was supposed to be as much fun as the wicked, sexy image I was going to capture.
.. DON'T LET THE LEMONS RUIN YOUR LEMONADE...add as much sugar as necessary and never lose the PUNCH!

PS...Always remember, "Don't Blame it on the SUNSHINE...Blame it on the Boogie!"

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  1. I was waiting for a great climax. You dropped me like a hot pocket! LOL! Next time Lori, next time.