Monday, July 26, 2010

I Know How to... WORK. IT. OUT!

MUSIC can really be an inspiration. I have been on a walking program for the past year, on and off, and what has always been a constant motivator for me is my iPod...LOADED!

As a result, I have decided to share my latest, & greatest PLAYLIST. Now, get ready because it is FRESH, KRUMPED, FAST-PACED, RAUNCHY, & F-U-N-K-Y!!! It ain't for the weak-at-heart (& sanctimonious)!!!


♥Track 1: WHO DAT (Dirty) by J. Cole:

You gotta get your GAME FACE on and push off with an "I mean business" start. J. Cole has produce a Tru Dat, Who Dat hit! It's one of my Top 100 favorites! It gets me in the mood to get my heart pumping at a GANGSTA pace.

♥Track 2: MASSIVE ATTACK by Nicki Manaj

Oooohhhh...this B.B. (Black Barbie, LOL) is FIERCE, not Sasha Fierce, but juicy fierce. The beat to this song energizes and jolts me into movement EVERYTIME!!!
♥Track 3: GRINDIN' (Dirty) by Clispe

The "thump" is marvelous! As you contemplate your route and distance, this song puts you back on target to GRIND towards the finish line. "I'm your pusher..."
♥Track 4: ELECTRIC TWIST by A Fine Frenzy

This group is not mainstream but I love 'em!!! By the time this song hits me, I'm a bit winded (and angry) and in real need of a fun, pick-me-up ditty. Electric Twist is cotton candy & perk-i-licious!
♥Track 5: GET ME BODIED (Extended Mix) by Beyonce

Bey reminds me that looking the part of Diva requires work...hard work...and when I'm getting my "Naomi Campbell walk" on, bizness is being taken care of! I AM GETTING ME BODIED!
♥Track 6: TEACH ME HOW TO DOUGIE (Dirty) by California Sway District

I'm slowing it down now, but still feeling motivated. This song brings out the playfulness in me. Silly-joy, ring-around-the-rosie-joy! I am so amazed at how simple some of the songs are today...really infantile, but the beat, rhythm is so good, it just makes you say, "oh, what the heck, I'm gonna Dougie too!"

♥Track 7: OMG (Extended Mix) by Usher

I can see the finish line now. Usher & I have an understanding. He's gonna "let it burn" & I'm going to OMG myself right down to a size 6. I'm DETERMINED! Sidebar...Have you seen the video for OMG? has on some really TIGHT pants. Hmmmm...

♥Track 8: ON TO THE NEXT ONE! by JayZ

How a propos! What better way to say, "It's a wrap!"?

I don't know if any of this helps you, but it surely helps me! The two-mile, 35 minute journey is one that I use to make "it" happen. "It" being Self-improvement, Self-discovery, & turning something that I absolutely DESPISE (exercising) into a tolerable, sometimes even invigorating, experience. So, what's your playlist like?

How do YOU GO TO WORK?!?!?!

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