Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another One BITES the Dust!

Okay, so I'm a little embarassed but I'm going to say it:


There. It's out...sighhhh...

I just can't seem to get enough of this latest teen phenomenon. Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team EVERYBODY!!! I just love 'em all!!!

You know, it all started so innocently. Maybe due to my early fascination with vampires and the sensational magic and mysticism of "glamorizing". Remember pale-faced Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire. Or maybe Gary Oldman's portrayal of Dracula in Brahm Stoker's epic classic? OMG... Loved them!!!
Trust me when I say I feel nothing "cougarish" in the young bucks that are rendering teens and their moms all over the world THIRSTY for more's the sugary romanticism that Stephanie Myers has woven (not coven...well, maybe) to make such a vile and evil myth come alive with such innocence, simplicity and pure fluff that has captivated me through and through. It is FANG-A-LICIOUS!

To appease myself, just a bit, in feeling better about how I am flitting about with my TEAM EDWARD shirt on, I've decided that it's okay to "wanna get away".

The Twilight Saga gives us the opporutnity to transport ourselves to another place, time, and REALITY. It gives us a chance to believe that all monsters don't HAVE to be monsters. Awwww... forget about the weak chick with no self-confidence, finesse, & loose morals. In the end, the chick grows up, gets her man, and grows a pair. END OF STORY (& get over it, tight-lippers).

Of course, Twilight is no Lord of the Rings, Pretty Woman, or 16 Candles, but it holds its own. There is a place for it in the Cinema Hall of Fame. And to all of those who haven't jumped on the band wagon yet, this is what I have to say...


PS...Always remember, "Don't Blame it on the SUNSHINE, Blame it on the Boogie!"

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